My friend tiffany covered for me and I spent the night at my boyfriend’s dads house. It felt good falling asleep and waking up with him. I’m glad I took the chance and am dating him.


If you were ever a girl that people whispered about and laughed at as you walked by…. That feeling never goes away. You’re suspicious of everyone around you having a good time, thinking it’s at your expense.

Low 8/26/14

I was in a funk last night, kind of still am..I kept getting flashbacks of my episodes and self-harm, and got thinking about a lot of stuff. After work I took a blade and walked up to the pavilion where all the picnic tables are and scratched at a table for awhile so that I wouldn’t self harm. I don’t know why I got such a bad random urge. I started to have an anxiety attack later when I got home and my boyfriend came over and calmed me down. He didn’t know about it until today. And I told him about some of the flashbacks. If i can I think im staying with him at his house tonight.


Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how