0kay I havnt posted anything in a while, so here I am! Haha. I don’t really feel like going into detail just cause I’m typing on my phone. The night I drank I got stupid blacked out drunk and my boyfriend jesse took me back to his house and took care of me. I didn’t feel good at all the next day because I couldn’t move my stomach hurt so bad, and he came home with me and stayed with me all day and night. From what I can see and what he’s said I’m glad I have someone who I’m happy with and who cares about me. All week I havnt felt good and it’s finally cleared up. I also slept over at my friend brittany’s saturday for her birthday, and it was really fun. Today I was put on birth control, and went out to the mall with my friends maddy and tiff. It’s been awhile since maddy’s hungout so I’m happy she’s coming around again. School’s been going good surprisingly, and I also got a new violin which I’m super psyched about! But for some reason, aside all of these good things and more, my anxiety has been building up. Today I’ve just felt kind of bleh. Like I just want to be home by myself, blaring music, and doing nothing but laying here comfortably staring into space. I hate having to ask what’s wrong with me. I hate being limp or down without a reason to be.